National Stationery Week 2016 - The Importance of Stationery

We want to celebrate National Stationery Week 2016 with something that encourages the continued use of mark making! Whether it be written words in lists or letters, thoughtful sketches or absent minded doodles, pencil and paper are here to stay. Here are some words on the importance of stationery from three people who put pen to paper daily.




You know where you are with stationery.

Like us, it's set in its ways.

Rooted in reality.

Tied to tangible traditions.

Carved into the cultures of craft.


Technology is not quite as solid.

The pencil and paper's robotic ghost.

Striving to replicate simplicity is complicated.

Computerised mark-making.

Almost as responsive as the real thing... Imagine that.


Stationery can be found wherever you left it.

When lost, it'll turn up in the last place you look.

The pencil behind your ear.

Take it anywhere, but it's going nowhere.

Permanent and easily replaceable


Illustration by Tom J Newell. See more - Instagram: @tomjnewell /

Illustration by Tom J Newell. See more - Instagram: @tomjnewell /


ANNE ASHFORTH WHITE owner of Cocoa Wonderland

Whilst clearing out my Nan’s house, I discovered every letter my Granddad Ernest ever wrote to her during the war. This was like finding buried treasure as far as I was concerned. I read them now and again, he writes with such passion and romance, there is no way this discovery could happen digitally. It's also a connection with my past, he died when I was little so I didn't get the chance to really know him. This is my chance to learn about him. His hand writing is beautiful, he uses an indigo ink that sinks into the pages.  When I got married I photo copied them to use as a background pattern for my decorations.  He also includes doodles for her and the stamps on the envelopes are another link to the past.

I too love writing letters. I think there is nothing better then getting a handwritten letter in the post, rather then junk or bills. It just lightens up your day. They don't have to be profound, I still think the mundane everyday has a place. Our handwriting is unique to us and it's great to show it off as an expression of who we are.

And I love lists! I don't know how I would survive without them. My mind drifts constantly, I struggle to remember and focus so I need to write down what to do all the time. It calms me down to know I won't forget. And there is nothing better then crossing off one task at a time again something I don't think the digital world really offers, it's so satisfying.  

Some of the beautiful letters from Anne's Grandfather to her Grandmother. Follow Anne's shop here - Instagram @cocoa_wonderland

Some of the beautiful letters from Anne's Grandfather to her Grandmother. Follow Anne's shop here - Instagram @cocoa_wonderland


TESSA SOWRY Founder All Things Stationery

Stationery, to me, means potential. There's nothing like getting the thoughts out of your head onto a clean page to make you immediately feel better. So much of our world is lived through a screen that choosing to go analogue feels like a bit of a statement these days. Plus, I think your stationery choices can say a lot about you and your personal style, and there's certainly lots of beautiful stuff to choose from out there! 

Visit Tessa's website Instagram @allthingsstationery Twitter @tessasowry

Visit Tessa's website Instagram @allthingsstationery Twitter @tessasowry