Youse X Grey Suit Desk Tidy Set

If you haven't come across Grey Suit Clay before may I recommend browsing their agonisingly beautiful work on Instagram for a while. Nice, right? 

October 2016 saw the launch of the Grey Suit X Youse Desk Tidy Set. Two pieces of functional and beautiful design manifested in a hand thrown desk top pot (above) and a hand printed, hand sewn pencil case (below). We formulated the idea after a lot of creative brainstorming (read; pub meetings) and came up with what we believe to be, the ultimate combo. The emphasis being on having a permanent space to store your tools and a portable vessel for on the go. 

Each pot and pouch are subtly unique, the pattern is created at random, by hand. 

Our run of Desk Tidies have sold out, but do keep an eye out for future collaborations. Pouches can be found here.